Some of us have given birth to our babies outside of hospital walls…and some of us have given birth inside those walls.

Some of us have worn or carried our babies in soft cloth carriers for their early years…and some of us have carried our babies in car seats & strollers.

Some of us have chosen to use cloth diapers on our babies…and some of us have chosen disposable diapers.

Some of us have breastfed our babies (and toddlers, and preschoolers)…and some of us fed our babies the best type of formula we could find at the time.

Some of us choose to school our children in places other than public schools…and some of our children happily go off to public school each day.

Some of us choose to focus all our time on the career of mothering…and some of us have another career that shares our time.

Some of us buy all organic & natural foods…and some of us are doing our best to just get our families to eat more fruits & vegetables.

Some of us choose homeopathic remedies when illness strikes our families…and some of us visit a doctor & choose modern medicine for the same illness.

The list could go on indefinitely!


A desire to raise & treat our children and ourselves in the most healthy & natural ways we are comfortable with at any given time. We are constantly learning more about the changes we would like to make to ensure a better life for our family.

It’s easy for us to forget to be supportive and accepting of others within and outside of our group when they make choices that differ from our own. We are all on a different path in our own parenting & health journey. Sometimes our paths intersect & we are open to learning from each other at those times. Sometimes, the timing is not right for us to be open to new ideas, so we leave them behind for a while.

We agree that each mother &/or father is the expert on her/his family and make the right decisions for that family. This group is not only for connecting like-minded parents, but also to gently influence those around us to consider other natural parenting practices. We ask all our members to influence & inspire others respectfully, simply by living the way they believe is right and sharing from their own experience what has worked for them.

We at SANPTM believe that it’s possible to create a community and world that makes us healthier, stronger and more loving.

San Antonio & the surrounding areas have many eco-friendly resources to offer families. 
We are happy to help you find:


We are sorry, but our group is closed to those not residing within the San Antonio area.

Not in the San Antonio area, but looking for a similar group where you are? Check out these resources:

Natural Parents Network

Mothering.com Community- Finding Your Tribe

Holistic Moms Network 

La Leche League Groups


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